tisdag 12 februari 2013

Be My Valentine..

Valentine Från Tracey
”Let’s share the world”
Night Ladys Star
A sea is for you and waves are for me..
The sky is for you and stars are for me..
Night Ladys Star
The sun is for you and light is for me..
Everything is for you and you are for me..
Night Ladys Star
Happy Valentine Day

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Felisberto Junior sa...

Hello, Good afternoon!
yes .. I totally understand. They are two different platforms. Wordpress and Blogospot.
Belo when we love and are matched. The world becomes small for the couple.
Happy Valentine's Day.
Belo beginning of the week!

Snow White The Survival sa...

Don't wait until it's too late
to tell someone how much you love,
how much you care.

Because when they're gone,
no matter how loud you shout and cry they won't hear you anymore.

Happy Valentine's Day
Love Always...

nicki007 sa...

Valentine's Day is all about celebrating love, affection and a bond that holds two people together.
What can be more special than the special bond of friendship that we share?
Happy Valentine's Day to all my Blogger friends.. Nicki

Carolina sa...

Have a sweet happy day, dear friend.

Cumulus sa...

Tack för att du tittar in
och håller liv i min blogg!

Önskar dig en riktigt fin helg.

Ariel sa...

Hello Night Lady,
good afternoon,
I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day

I loved your little poem,
the heaven and his magic, is part of love of each day =)

(in my last post, I left you a present ... a golden cup for you, (it is a symbolic image for your wonderful blog)
Remember, is just something symbolic! =)

I wish you a beautiful weekend
hugs and kisses

Night Lady sa...

Hello Felisberto ..
Thanks for your visit and comment
Hope you had a nice weekend and That You get a nice week ..
Lots of love hugs from Night Lady

Night Lady sa...

Hej Snow White..
Tack för hälsningen..
Hoppas att du hade en fin Valentine och att du får en fin vecka..Kram Night Lady

Night Lady sa...

Night Ladys vänner tackar Nickis Wpordpress för hälsningar..
Kram Night Lady

Night Lady sa...

Thank You Carolina..
I wish you the same..
Hugs kisses Night Lady

Night Lady sa...

Så lite så Cumulus..
Man får vara rädd om dom vänner man har på sidan så bara roligt att skriva hos dig..
Kram Night Lady

Night Lady sa...

Hello Ariel ..
Thank you very nycket for the symbolic golden cup in my blog on WP ..
I appreciated that very much and I'm glad that you type in all of my blogs, it is very nice .. Wish you now have a wonderful week ..
Hugs Night Lady