tisdag 15 april 2014

Easter bring Fun, Easter bring Happiness..

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“There is nothing so sweet"
Night Ladys Star
There is nothing so sweet as a bunny..
A dear little sweet little bunny..
He can hop on his toes..
He can wiggle his nose..
And his powder puff tail is quite funny..
Night Ladys Star
"Secret Information"
Would you like to know a secret..
Well I'll tell you one I know..
The Easter's Bunny's coming..
A cute little witch told me so..
He'll bring a basket filled with eggs..
And leave it in my yard..
Night Ladys Star
And I will find it Easter morn..
If I look very hard..
I shouldn't tell my secret..
But I think it should be shared..
You ought to know that Bunny's coming..
So you can be prepared..
Night Ladys Star
Happy Easter to all of you..
With all best Wishes
Night Lady
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30 kommentarer:

Olle Lindell sa...

Glad Påsk kram Olle

Ariel El vikingo dark sa...

Hello Night Lady,
good evening,
I loved your post,
a very sweet story!

I'll wait for that cute and cuddly bunny
I am anxious!

Wishing you a beautiful night
a kiss and a hug

Snow White The Survival sa...

May this year’s Easter bring your hope and joy.
Happy Easter!

Frieda sa...

Hallo Night Lady,
ich wünsche Dir ein sonniges und fröhliches Osterfest.
Lieben Gruß von Frieda

mathilde1305 sa...

Hi Night Lady..
Önskar Dig och Janne en underbar trevlig Påsk.. Kram Thilde

Moonlight sa...

Hi Night Lady...
This special Easter wish
That comes with love to you
Brings warm and heartfelt thanks
For all the thoughtful things you do...
Wish you a grat Happy Easter..
Hugs Moonlight

nicki007 sa...

Easter bring Fun, Easter bring Happiness,
Easter bring God Endless Blessings,
Easter bring fresh love...
Happy Easter to You
with all best wishes

Aurora The Lovely sa...

Hej Night Lady..
This special Easter wish that comes with love to you...
Happy Easter.. Hugs Aurora

Winnie The Pooh Bear sa...

Glad Påsk önskar Winnie The Pooh med vänner

Ariel El vikingo dark sa...

Happy Easter, Nicki!!
a big hug

Doris sa...

Love your blog my wonderful friend
have a great easter
lots of love hugs kisses & smiles :-)

cirofreelander sa...

I wish you a sweet and magical Easter my great friend.
Thank you for your nice thought you left me.
I wish you much love and joy you're so sweet...
with friendship
a hug.


Jane storm sa...

Hi Night lady
May you enjoy an Easter
That's bright, and sunny, too
Filled with love and happiness
In every way for you.
hugs and smiles

Snow White The Survival sa...

Night Lady
Our lives are always so hectic, With little time to spare, And it's a wonderful feeling just to know that you're out there. Thank You

Winnie The Pooh Bear sa...

En lojal vän är värd mer än tiotusen släktingar..
Din vän Winnie The Pooh..

One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives...
Your friend, Winnie The Pooh..

Night Lady sa...

Tack Olle..
Hoppas att din Påsk blev bra och att du och din familj mår bra..
Ha eb fortsatt fin vecka nu Kram Night Lady

Night Lady sa...

Hi Ariel ..
Hope you had a nice and enjoyable Easter ..
I'm so happy now for spring and flowers are here the sun is out every day and it's getting hot :-) Can not get better .. ha have a nice week my friend
Love Always from Night Lady

Night Lady sa...

Snow White..
A Best Friend Is Someone You Can Call At Any Hour To Laugh, To Cry, Or To Complain.

A True Friend Accepts Who You Are, But Also Helps You Become Who You Should Be.

A Good Friend Knows Your Stories. The Best Friend Has Lived Them With You.

A Good Friend Is A Connection To Life, A Tie To The Past, A Road To The Future, The Key To Sanity In A Totally Insane World.
Remember That..

Night Lady sa...

Thanks Freida ..
My Easter was good hope you had a nice and enjoyable Easter ..
please visit my other blog www.nicki007.wordpress.com
You are welcome to have a continued nice week hug Night Lady / Nicki

Night Lady sa...

Tack Thilde...
Hoppas att du också hade en fin påsk..Vi gjorde inte så mycket mer än att koppla av och ha det mysigt..Ha en fortsatt fin vecka nu kram Night Lady

Night Lady sa...

Hej Moonlight...
tack för det fina poemet..Hoppas du hämtat dig efter den vilda blåkullafärden ha ha..ha en fin vecka nu och tack för titten kram Night Lady

Night Lady sa...

I know nothing last forever
may be we wont always stay together.
But I am glad
every morning when I wake up,
I still have you on my friends' list.

Thank you very much
For being my Friend.
Good Morning

Night Lady sa...

Hej Aurora..
tack för din fina påskhälsning och hoppas att du haft det bra njut av vårt vackra vårväder nu och kom snart tillbaka igen Kram Night Lady

Night Lady sa...

Hej Winnie..
Jätteroligt att se dig igen och jag hoppas vi får se dig ofta..
Ha en fin vecka nu och kom snart och hälsa på mig igen Kram Night Lady

Night Lady sa...

Thanks Ariel...
I wish you the same...Have a great week hugs and kisses from Night Lady

Night Lady sa...

Hej Doris..
Hoppas att du haft en fin och underbar påsk..Jag hade en bra påsk och mycket fint väder nu är våren här det börjar bli varmt träden har gröna blad och vi har fått massor av blommor helt magiskt..Ha en underbar vcka nu min vän och kom snart och hälsa på muig igen..Kramar från Night Lady

Hi Doris ..
Hope you had a nice and wonderful Easter .. I had a good Easter and very nice weather now, spring is here, it's getting hot in the trees have green leaves and we have received lots of flowers quite magical .. Have a wonderful awaken now my friend and soon came and greet muig again .. Hugs from Night Lady

Night Lady sa...

Hi Soul ..
thanks for your visit .. I had a nice Easter and I hope you enjoyed it too .. Wish you now have a wonderful week and soon came back to my blog .. Lots of kisses and hugs from Night Lady

Night Lady sa...

Hej jane..
Roligt att se dig det var ett tag sedan..Tack för ditt fina poem och jag hoppas du hade en härlig påsk..Kom snart tiolbaka och besök mig igen stor kram från Night Lady

Night Lady sa...

Tack själv lilla Snow White kram Night Lady

Night Lady sa...

Hej igen Winnie..
ja visst är en lojal vän bättre än tuo tusen släktingar så rätt så..ha en fin vecka och kom snart tillbaka kram Night Lady