tisdag 12 augusti 2014

A Friend is one to share..

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“A Friend”
by Edgar A. Guest
Night Ladys Star
A friend is one who stands to share
Your every touch of grief and care
He comes by chance, but stays by choice
Your praises he is quick to voice
Night Ladys Star
No grievous fault or passing whim
Can make an enemy of him
And though your need be great or small
His strength is yours throughout it all
Night Ladys Star
No matter where your path may turn
Your welfare is his chief concern
No matter what your dream may be
He prays your triumph soon to see
Night Ladys Star
There is no wish your tongue can tell
But what it is your friend's as well
The life of him who has a friend
Is double-guarded to the end.
Night Ladys Star
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Night Lady

18 kommentarer:

nicki007 sa...

En riktig vän är den som kommer när alla andra går.

charles sa...

beautiful blog kisses

gageier sa...

Liebe Nicki wollte dir nur ganz schnell gute Nacht dir wünschen mit vielen lieben Grüßen Klaus

Giancarlo sa...

Buone vacanze...un abbraccio.

Moonlight sa...

Hej Night Lady..
ja visst är vänner viktiga..Utan dem står vi oss slätt men bättre att ha några få riktiga vänner än många bekanta..ha en fin helg kram Moonlight

mathilde1305 sa...

Jag försöker kommer igång igen, ta det lite sakta bara..verkar lite ovant..
Ha en fin dag.. Kram Thilde

Snow White The Survival sa...

Ja visst är vi alla bästa vänner nu och för evigt..Kram Snow White

sol Tamalyn sa...

I had great friends that miss, gone for no apparent reason.
I would get a second chance ... (Where are You my friend Ariel?)
Lady kisses and a wonderful evening to you my dear.

Night Lady sa...

Absolut rätt Nickis WP

Night Lady sa...

Thank you Charles.. Nice to see you..have a great day and welcome back to my blog.. Hugs Night Lady

Night Lady sa...

Hi Klaus ..
Thanks for your visit ..
Hope you have a nice day without rain ..
lots of hugs from Night Lady

Night Lady sa...

Ciao Giancarlo ..
Vi auguriamo una buona settimana e grazie per la vostra visita ..
Molti abbracci da Night Lady

Night Lady sa...

Hej Moonlight..
tack för titten och visst är det bättre med några få vänner än många bekanta..Lycka till idag kram Night lady

Night Lady sa...

hej Thilde..
ja det är bra att du försöker men ta det lugny bara..
Kram Night Lady

Night Lady sa...

Så rätt så Snow White så rätt.. stor kram Night lady

Night Lady sa...

Hi Sol Tamalyn ..
Yes I think the same as you many friends disappear and stop talking it's a bit sad .. but maybe they'll be back again soon ..
thanks for visiting and have a nice day hug Night Lady

Doris sa...

That is a great post Night Lady,
And it is so true.
Love you my friend.

Night Lady sa...

Thank's Doris...
Love you to..
lov always lots of hugs... Night Lady