måndag 29 september 2014


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“A Beautiful Word”
Night Ladys Star
What a beautiful word, Woman
An Angel of life to babies, woman
A complement in a man's life, woman
A wonderful flower which does not grow on soil
A paradigm of beauty
Night Ladys Star
Fragile but a very strong word
Easy to convince but hard to understand
Mild from infancy to senescence
Abstraction in the world
Light on the touch of living
Elate to man's world
Night Ladys Star
The mirror hails woman
The ornaments hail woman
Woman's voice is a lullaby to the ears
Woman, a boom and doom to the eyes
Night Ladys Star
A mother, woman is patient and loving
A wife, woman is understanding and loving
A daughter, woman is adorable and interesting
Woman, perfume of the world
Woman, a beautiful word indeed
-Seinu Abdulgafar-
Night Ladys Star
Night Lady
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7 kommentarer:

nicki007 sa...

Women ett vackert släckte :-)

Snow White The Survival sa...

Ja vi kvinnoer är det bästa som hänt sen universum skapades :-)

Night Lady sa...

Absolut helt rätt WP ett vackert och smart släckte..

Night Lady sa...

helt rätt lilla Snow White kunde inte sagt det bättre själv..

Doris sa...

ha en underbar helg
älskar dig

have a wonderful weekend
love you

Night Lady sa...

Thank's Doris..
Have a wonderfull week..
Hugs Night Lady XXX

cirofreelander sa...

Good morning my friend.
I wish you a good start of week and thank you very much for friendship you are a fantastic friend.
Much love and joy for you.
Take care my friend.
Kisses and hugs.