torsdag 30 oktober 2014

Because it will soon be over..

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“Halloween is Here”
by Debbie
Night Ladys Star
It's time for Halloween..
A day for trick or treat..
When the kids dress up in costume..
And walk proudly down the street..
Night Ladys Star
They ring alot of door bells..
And collect alot of candy too..
And if they happen to see a ghost..
They will be greated with a boo..
Night Ladys Star
Pumpkins light up the windows..
And decorations adorn the front yard..
So be careful when you come in..
Because the skeleton will be on guard..
Night Ladys Star
So go have alot of fun..
And don't have any fear..
Because it will soon be over..
And you'll have to wait till next year..
Night Ladys Star
Night Lady
The Witch Shalima
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Halloween photo Halloween16.jpg

5 kommentarer:

mathilde1305 sa...

The trick or treat’s delights
melt in your mouth as you shoutin fright..
May you enjoy this all hollow’s eve in sweetest shock!

nicki007 sa...

Ja nu är det över för denna gång länhtar redan till nästa

Night Lady sa...

Tack mathilde..
Hoppas din Halloween blev härligt läskig.. Kram Night Lady

Night Lady sa...

Ja nu dröjer det ett tag men därimellan kommer julen :-)

gageier sa...

Liebe Nicki alles gute zu deinem Geburtstag und wünsche dir Gesundheit ,Glück Zufriedenheit und alles was dein Herz begehrt.Diese Wünsche kommen von Herzen Klaus aus Köln