fredag 31 oktober 2014

Wish you all a Happy Halloween..

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“The Halloween Witch”
by Jack Prelutsky
Night Ladys Star
She comes by night, in fearsome flight,
In garments black as pitch,
the queen of doom upon her broom,
the wild and wicked witch,
Night Ladys Star
a crackling crone with brittle bones
and dessicated limbs,
two evil eyes with warts and sties
and bags about the rims,
Night Ladys Star
a dangling nose, ten twisted toes
and fold of shriveled skin,
cracked and chipped and crackled lips
that frame a toothless grin.
Night Ladys Star
She hurtles by, she sweeps the sky
and hurls a piercing screech.
As she swoops past, a spell is cast
on all her curses reach.
Night Ladys Star
Take care to hide when the wild witch rides
to shriek her evil spell.
What she may do with a word or two
is much too grim to tell.
Night Ladys Star
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12 kommentarer:

Ariel El vikingo dark sa...

Hi Nicki,
good afternoon,
beautiful post

happy halloween
a giant hug

Giancarlo sa...

Un felice weekend per te...ciao.

nicki007 sa...

Dags för alla häxor att sova nu...

mathilde1305 sa...

Hej Night Lady.. Ja jag håller med har blivit väldigt dött i alla bloggar numera bara att hoppas på att det vänder snart för det är ju lite tråkigt.. Ha en fin vecka kram Mathilde

Aurora The Lovely sa...

The best way to start the week is with a nice cup of coffee!
Have a great week ahead..
Kisses from Aurora

Moonlight sa...

Önskar dig en trevlig måndag och en fin vecka kram Moonlight

Night Lady sa...

Thanks Ariel..
have a great day and welcome back..
Love always Night Lady

Night Lady sa...

Thanks Giancarlo..
Have a nice week hugs kisses Night Lady

Night Lady sa...

Absolut sova var det rätta ordet för oss häxor :-)

Night Lady sa...

Hej Mathilde..
ja väldigt dött är det bara hoppas på att det blir lite mer livat under vintern kram Night Lady

Night Lady sa...

ja lilla Aurora det har du helt rätt i starta dagen med kaffe..
Kram Night Lady

Night Lady sa...

Tack Moonlight..
Önskar dig en fin fortsättning på veckan Kram Night Lady