måndag 27 oktober 2014

How The Witches got there..

Halloween photo ff99e0ef.jpg
“Witch in my mailbox”
Night Ladys Star
There are witches in my mailbox.
What am I to do?
Night Ladys Star
I found them there this morning,
doing things they shouldn't do!!
How the witches got there,
I haven't got a clue.
Night Ladys Star
But they won't be there much longer
because I'm sending them to
Night Ladys Star
You've been Witch Kissed!
Before the warts begin to spread,
pass the kisses on instead!
- Unknown-
Night Ladys Star
Night Lady The Witch
Halloween photo Halloween22.gif
Halloween photo Halloween25.gif

10 kommentarer:

Snow White The Survival sa...

Just sitting around
waiting for halloween..
Have a scary week..
Ice Cold Hugs from me..
Snow white

nicki007 sa...

Jag skakar :-)
Kvasten är laddad så är även jag…

Night Lady sa...

Detsamma till dig Snow White och du bara 2 dagar kvar tills.....

Night Lady sa...

WP ja vem skakar inte :-)

YoSueño sa...

Feliz semana de halloween. Un Fuerte ABRAZO

Ariel El vikingo dark sa...

Happy Halloween my dear friend!
kisses snd hugs

Winnie The Pooh Bear sa...

When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, May luck be yours on Halloween.. Happy Halloween ..
Winnie The Pooh

Night Lady sa...

Thank's YoSueño
I wish you a very Happy Halloween.. Hugs kisses from Night Lady

Night Lady sa...

Thank's Ariel..
It's nice to see you again..
Have a great and Happy Halloween and welcome back to my blog..
Hugs kisses Night Lady

Night Lady sa...

hej Winnie...
Kul att se dig igen.. ha en riktigt läskig Halloween :-)
Kram Night Lady