lördag 12 september 2015

The Memories..

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“The Old Car”
Night Ladys Star
I pass by it everyday after school,
and i see my dad's old car sitting in the drive,
i has cought some rust,
and the tires are worm and flat.
the windshield is cracked
and you can see through the bottom floor,
and flowers are growing out of it,
then i went to my dad and asked why,
why do you keep holding on to a old car,
he turned and smiled,
he said son, the memories.....
Night Ladys Star
the memories of an old life,
that has taken hold,
alas it is but an old car, but somethings are still gold
Night Ladys Star
and then i realize,
his heart is still in love with and old flame
-Jermaine Carter-
Night Ladys Star
Night Lady

8 kommentarer:

mathilde1305 sa...

Oj det var fint och fina minnen ska man vårda..
Önskar dig en fin helg Kram Mathilde..

Moonlight sa...

Älskar bilden på dom gamla bilarna det är verkligen Vintage..
Ha en fin start på veckan kram Moonlight

Aurora The Lovely sa...

Have a wonderful Wednesday hugs and kisses from Aurora

Night Lady sa...

Tack Mathilde..
Hoppas att du får en fin vecka..
Kram Night Lady

Night Lady sa...

Hej Moonlight..
ja visst är dom gamla bilarna underbara det kan jag verkligen hålla med om..
Ha en fin fortsättning på veckan kram Night Lady

Night Lady sa...

Tack Aurora önskar dig detsamma kram Night lady

kutukamus sa...

Wow! And says who dusty is bad? :D

Night Lady sa...

Hello Kutukamus .. Have a great weekend...
Night Lady