måndag 8 februari 2016

Öppet Hus..

Open House photo Open House_zps3bbfi04n.png
“Open House”
Night Ladys Star
If I were a tree  I’d want to see
a bird with a song  on a branch of me..
Night Ladys Star
I’d want a quick  little squirrel to run
up and down  and around, for fun..
Night Ladys Star
I’d want the cub of a bear to call,
and a porcupine, big, and a tree toad, small..
Night Ladys Star
I’d want a katydid out of sight
on one of my leaves  to sing at night..
Night Ladys Star
And down by my roots I’d want a mouse
with six little mouselings in her house..
Aileen Fisher
Night Ladys Star
Night Lady

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Look at the sunny side of everything.
Have a Good Day

Night Lady sa...

Tack Annette..
Önskar dig detsamma oh kom snart tillbaka..
Ha en fin fortsättning på veckan ..
Kram Night Lady